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    Baseball United: A New Era Dawns in Dubai's Diamond

    Baseball United: A New Era Dawns in Dubai's Diamond

    In the heart of the bustling city of Dubai, a groundbreaking event is taking place that is capturing the attention of baseball enthusiasts worldwide. Baseball United, the first professional baseball league in West Asia, has kicked off, bringing together a star-studded lineup of both current and former legends of the game. Spearheaded by CEO Kash Shaikh, the league boasts a unique set of rules and a roster that includes household names like Mariano Rivera, Barry Larkin, and Adrian Beltre as part owners.

    One of the standout features of Baseball United is its unconventional rule regarding home runs. If a player hits a home run with a "money ball," the runs scored are doubled, adding an extra layer of excitement for both players and fans alike. This innovation might make traditional baseball purists raise an eyebrow, but it's a testament to the league's commitment to infusing fresh energy into the sport.

    However, amidst the novel rules and enthusiastic atmosphere, there are some familiar faces gracing the field. The spotlight shines brightly on the legendary Bartolo Colon, who, at the age of 50, continues to defy the odds and showcase his enduring passion for the game. In the league's inaugural game at Dubai International Stadium, Colon pitched with the skill and finesse that earned him the 2005 AL Cy Young Award. Even at 50, he managed to touch low 80s with his fastball, leaving fans in awe as he retired three consecutive batters, including the formidable Robinson Cano.

    Accompanying Colon are other former big leaguers such as Pablo Sandoval, Andrelton Simmons, and Alejandro de Aza. The managerial helm is entrusted to none other than Miguel Tejada, adding another layer of experience and expertise to the league.

    Baseball United is not just about the spectacle of seasoned professionals displaying their skills; it's also a platform for mentorship and development. As Mariano Rivera, a Yankees legend and the greatest closer in the history of the sport, pointed out, the league aims to change the lives of young players in the region. The goal is to instill the love for baseball and provide high-level coaching that can be tailored to the unique needs of each player.

    Barry Larkin, a Cincinnati Reds great, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of the curriculum that legends like Rivera and himself bring to the table. Their high-level expertise is designed to be accessible and adaptable, ensuring that aspiring players in the region receive top-notch guidance.

    As the Baseball United All-Star showcase continues to unfold, it's clear that this league is more than just a sporting event; it's a cultural exchange, a celebration of the global reach of baseball, and an opportunity to inspire the next generation of players in West Asia. The fusion of international talent, innovative rules, and a passion for the game makes Baseball United a must-watch event that transcends borders and unites fans from all walks of life. The future of baseball in West Asia looks brighter than ever, thanks to the pioneering spirit of Baseball United.

    LSU Triumphs over Florida to Capture College World Series Title

    LSU Triumphs over Florida to Capture College World Series Title

    In a thrilling finale to the College World Series, LSU emerged as the victors in an exhilarating matchup against Florida. The game, which took place on June 26th, 2023, showcased the relentless determination and exceptional skill of both teams. With the stands filled to capacity and fans on the edge of their seats, the players left everything on the field, making it a memorable showdown. In this article, we'll delve into the key highlights of the game, analyze the standout performances, and celebrate LSU's remarkable triumph.

    LSU's Path to the Finals: LSU's journey to the College World Series title was marked by outstanding performances and unwavering resilience. From the beginning of the tournament, the team demonstrated their mettle, overcoming formidable opponents and securing impressive victories. Led by their dedicated coaching staff and talented roster, LSU showcased their strong pitching, solid defense, and explosive offense throughout the tournament, establishing themselves as serious contenders for the championship.

    A High-Stakes Championship Game: Facing off against the Florida Gators in the championship game, LSU found themselves engaged in a fierce battle for baseball supremacy. The tension in the stadium was palpable as both teams exchanged blows, vying for the coveted title. The game unfolded as a showcase of exceptional athleticism, strategic brilliance, and unwavering determination from each side.

    Key Highlights and Standout Performances: The championship game was packed with breathtaking moments that will be etched in the minds of fans for years to come. LSU's pitcher, Jake Thompson, delivered a stellar performance on the mound, frustrating Florida's batters with his impeccable control and devastating pitches. Thompson's impressive display of skill and composure set the tone for the game and played a crucial role in LSU's victory.

    Offensively, LSU's lineup proved to be formidable. Outfielder Alex Milazzo, known for his explosive power at the plate, showcased his talents, delivering several crucial hits and driving in vital runs. Milazzo's offensive prowess combined with his exceptional fielding abilities earned him the title of Most Outstanding Player of the College World Series, cementing his legacy in LSU baseball history.

    Florida's performance was equally commendable, with their players demonstrating great tenacity and skill. Despite falling short in the championship game, they showcased the competitive spirit that defined their journey to the finals. Pitcher Ethan Harding's impressive outing and the Gators' relentless offensive push contributed to a thrilling contest that had fans at the edge of their seats until the final out.

    The Sweet Taste of Victory: As the game reached its climax, LSU emerged victorious, securing the College World Series championship. The jubilation that erupted in the LSU dugout and amongst their passionate fans showcased the culmination of months of hard work and dedication. The championship win added another glorious chapter to LSU's storied baseball history and affirmed their status as a dominant force in college baseball.

    The Legacy Continues: LSU's triumph in the College World Series will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the team, their fans, and the broader baseball community. It serves as a testament to the power of perseverance, teamwork, and unwavering belief in one's abilities. As LSU celebrates their well-deserved victory, they also acknowledge the efforts and contributions of their opponents, Florida, who provided an intense and unforgettable championship matchup.

    Little League Baseball World Series 2022 Brackets Set

    Little League Baseball World Series 2022 Brackets Set

    The bracket has been set with the return of the International Teams. This should be a very exciting tournament and will be great to go full venue.

    United States

    • Great Lakes: Hagerstown Little League; Hagerstown, Indiana
    • New England: Middleborough Little League; Middleborough, Massachusetts
    • Northwest: Bonney Lake/Sumner Little League; Bonney Lake, Washington
    • Metro: Massapequa Coast Little League; Massapequa, New York
    • Mid-Atlantic: Hollidaysburg Area Summer Baseball Little League; Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania
    • Midwest: Davenport Southeast Little League; Davenport, Iowa
    • Mountain: Snow Canyon Little League; Santa Clara, Utah
    • Southeast: Nolensville Little League; Nolensville, Tennessee
    • Southwest: Pearland Little League; Pearland, Texas
    • West: Honolulu Little League; Honolulu, Hawaii


    • Asia-Pacific: Fu Lin Little League; Taipei City, Chinese Taipei
    • Australia: Brisbane North Little League; Queensland, Australia
    • Canada: Little Mountain Little League; Vancouver, British Columbia
    • Caribbean: Pabao Little League; Willemstad, Curacao
    • Europe-Africa: Emilia Romagna Little League; Bologna, Italy
    • Japan: Takarazuka Little League; Takarazuka, Japan
    • Latin America: 14 de Septiembre Little League; Managua, Nicaragua
    • Mexico: Matamoros Little League; Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico
    • Panama: Aguadulce Cabezera Little League; Aguadulce, Panama
    • Puerto Rico: Guaynabo Baseball Little League; Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

    Brisbane North Region Little League Punches Ticket to Williamsport, Will Represent Australia Region at 75th LLBWS

    Brisbane North Region Little League Punches Ticket to Williamsport, Will Represent Australia Region at 75th LLBWS

    Brisbane North Region Little League (Queensland, Australia) was crowned as the 2022 Little League Baseball® Australia Region Champion, earning direct entry into the 2022 Little League Baseball World Series (LLBWS) with a hard-fought win over Hills Little League. The 9-3 victory came after a dominant run through the Region Tournament, where Brisbane North Region LL poured in 59 runs over seven games.

    After falling to Hills Little League (Sydney, Australia), 4-0, earlier in tournament pool play, Brisbane North Region LL won the rematch thanks to a strong start and stellar pitching. Hills opened up the scoring in the first inning after notching one run, but it would be their only lead of the game as Brisbane North Region answered swiftly, scoring four runs of their own in the bottom of the first. Hills fought back in the top of the fifth scoring two runs, but Brisbane North Region put the game out of reach after knocking in three runs thanks to two consecutive RBI singles.

    This will be the first time Brisbane North Region LL makes the trek to Williamsport, second time a team from Queensland earns the honor, and the eighth time a team from Australia will compete in the LLBWS after the country gained direct entry in 2013.

    Australia’s most successful trip at the LLBWS took place in 2016, where Hills LL notched two wins by taking down squads from the Europe and Africa Region and Caribbean Region before being knocked out of the elimination bracket by the Mexico Region team.

    A rapidly growing Little League country, Australia is one of the few nations with an automatic bid into all four Little League Baseball tournaments, with their most recent direct entry into the Little League Intermediate (50/70) Baseball Division World Series starting in 2018.

    With the first-round matchups of the 2022 LLBWS announced at the Chairman’s Celebration of the 28th Little League International Congress, Brisbane North Region LL is set to square off against the winner of the Canada Region in Game 3 on Wednesday, August 17, at 5 p.m. on Volunteer Stadium.

    Little League International will be celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the LLBWS this year and will celebrate the history of the iconic event throughout the summer leading up to this year’s World Series in August. More information about the 2022 Little League World Series tournaments, including full schedules and downloadable brackets, can be found at

    2022 NCAA Baseball Tournament Projected Field Of 64 (5/18/22)

    2022 NCAA Baseball Tournament Projected Field Of 64 (5/18/22)

    Selection Monday is 12 days away and the first automatic NCAA Tournament bids will be handed out this weekend when the Ivy League and Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Tournaments conclude (and likely in the Big West as well, where UC Santa Barbara is close to clinching its championship). Teams that are jockeying for position in the NCAA Tournament race have just a handful more opportunities to make their case.

    While the postseason picture is coming into sharper focus, this exercise is still meant to be a projection and not what the field would look like if the season ended today. But with every passing day, there is less projection needed, as teams have little time to change their resumes in a dramatic way.

    The hosting race continues to be in flux, particularly after last weekend’s Big 12 chaos. Texas Tech’s stunning sweep at Oklahoma State thrust the Red Raiders back into the hosting picture, despite an RPI (33) that remains higher than the typical range for regional hosts. A series win this weekend against Oklahoma would help Texas Tech boost its RPI and at least share the conference title with TCU. That might be enough for the Red Raiders to reach the host line. TCU, which swept Texas Tech, and is the leader in the clubhouse in the Big 12 standings, has a worse RPI (35) and won’t have an opportunity to boost it until the Big 12 Tournament, as its non-conference series against Santa Clara will do little to help the Horned Frogs. It would be strange for the Big 12 regular-season champion not to host, but TCU’s 8-13 mark against top-50 teams will be its undoing, unless it is able to make a push next week in Arlington.

    The selection committee also looks like it will have a difficult time sorting out how to order the SEC West hosts. Arkansas, Auburn and Texas A&M are all tracking toward hosting, but determining the order is as hard as unraveling Christmas tree lights. Texas A&M is in first place in the division today thanks to its series win against Arkansas, but it lost a series to Auburn. The Tigers have the best RPI (4), but they're 1.5 games behind the Aggies and Razorbacks in the standings. Arkansas has the worst RPI (26, typically well shy of the range required to host as an SEC team), but is likely to have piled up 20 SEC wins by the end of the conference tournament. At least one, and probably two, of those teams will end up as top-eight seeds, but it’s anyone’s guess right now who it will be.

    Those watching the NCAA Tournament bubble will this weekend be fixated on the ACC. Clemson, North Carolina, Pittsburgh and Wake Forest are all on the bubble now and, with a bad weekend, Georgia Tech could find itself uncomfortably close as well. Clemson hosts Boston College and needs a sweep to keep its hopes alive. North Carolina hosts Florida State and Wake Forest visits North Carolina State and a series win for either the Tar Heels or the Demon Deacons might be enough to see them to safety. Pitt hosts Georgia Tech and needs a series win.

    The ACC also has a pair of series with hosting implications, as Miami hosts Notre Dame and Virginia travels to Louisville. All four teams are projected hosts now, but with the standings as tight as they are, nothing can be taken for granted. Virginia Tech’s series against Duke has regional implications, though the Hokies are playing for the ACC title and the Blue Devils are fighting for the last spot in the ACC Tournament.

    Baseball America will continue to update the projected field weekly throughout the spring.

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